A Case Study in Building a Lawyer Website

Luis Antonio Tavares


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Project Overview

Luis Antonio Tavares: A Case Study in Building a Lawyer Website

Lawyer Luis Antonio Tavares is known for his legal expertise, but he wasn't getting many new clients because people couldn't find him online. He needed a website that would showcase his skills and make it easy for potential clients to learn about him and his services.

That's where Future Innovation Ltd. came in. We worked with Luis Antonio Tavares to build a website that's not just informative, but also professional and reflects his dedication to his clients.


Luis Antonio Tavares is a great lawyer, but people couldn't find him online. This meant they couldn't learn about his skills and hire him for their legal needs. He needed a website to get noticed!


Building a website for Luis Antonio Tavares wasn't as easy as clicking a button. We had to figure out:
  • Who Needs His Help?Understanding the kind of legal cases he handles and the clients he wants to attract.

  • Telling His Story Simply: Writing clear information about his experience and how he wins cases, in a way people understand.

  • Making it Easy to Use: Creating a website that's simple to navigate, so people can find what they need quickly.

Our Solutions

Future Innovation Ltd. built a website for Luis Antonio Tavares that's easy to use and helps him attract new clients by:
  • Showcasing His Expertise: We highlighted his legal skills and experience on the website.

  • Easy to Find Online: We made sure the website appears high in search results when people search for legal help.

  • Looking Great Online: We designed a professional website that builds trust with potential clients.

  • Clear Information: We made it easy for people to understand what legal services he offers.

Workflow scenario

This section shows you how we worked together with Luis Antonio Tavares to build a website that gets him new clients. We didn't just build any website, we built one that's easy to use and helps him stand out online.


01 - Getting to Know Luis

First, we talked to Luis Antonio Tavares to learn about his legal skills, the kind of clients he helps, and what he wanted his website to do. We also figured out how people would navigate the website to find the information they need about his legal services.

02 - Design & Build

We created some simple drafts of the website design and showed them to Luis Antonio Tavares to get his feedback. Once he liked the design, we built the website so it works great on phones, tablets, and computers. We also wrote clear and easy-to-understand content that explains what kind of law he practices, his experience, and how he can help people with their legal problems.

03 - Making Sure Everything Works

We double-checked the website to make sure everything worked smoothly and visitors could find what they needed easily. Luis Antonio Tavares also tested the website and gave us his feedback to make sure it showed him off in the best light.

04 - Website Launch Day!

Finally, we launched Luis Antonio Tavares' website, making his legal expertise visible to everyone online!

05 - Keeping It Great

Our job doesn't end at launch! We're still working with Luis Antonio Tavares to see how people use his website and make any changes needed to keep it working well and attracting even more clients.

01 - Research

In the research phase, we comprehensively study user needs, behaviors, and pain points through methods like interviews and data analysis to inform the design process effectively.

Style guideline

A style guide is a set of standards and rules that govern the design and composition of documents, websites, and other media. It ensures consistency and coherence in visual and written communication, maintaining a unified brand identity across various channels.

Typography 01

Playfair Display

Name Font size Line Height

Heading 2

48 px 32 px

Heading 3

32 px 32 px

Paragraph text

16 px 16 px


-- px -- px

Medium Text Bold

Medium Text Regular

48 px 32 px

Normal Text Bold

Normal Text Regular

48 px 32 px

Small Text Bold

Small Text Regular

48 px 32 px

Color Palette

  • 01


  • 02


  • 03


  • 04


  • 05


colors are a powerful design tool that can influence perception, behavior, and brand identity, making them essential elements of any design project.


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