A Case Study in Building a Marketing Agency Website

Flash Message


Website design And development

Project Overview

Flash Message, a powerhouse digital agency, was ready to take its brand online for the first time. They needed a website that would not only establish their presence but also capture the essence of their innovative spirit and attract potential clients. Future Innovation LTD was brought in to turn Flash Message's vision into reality.

Flash Message was full of great ideas and creativity, but they were missing a key piece: a website! They needed a place online to showcase their talents, tell their story, and most importantly, land new clients. That's where Future Innovation LTD came in! We wanted to create a website that would be:

  • Their Brand New Online Home: This website would be Flash Message's main spot online, where everyone could learn about them and what they do.

  • An Eye-Catching First Impression: We wanted the website to look amazing and grab attention, just like Flash Message grabs attention with their creative ideas.

  • A Lead Magnet: This website wouldn't just be pretty, it would also be a lead magnet! We wanted to make it super easy for potential clients to connect with Flash Message.


Flash Message, a super cool digital agency, was missing some key ingredients for success:
  • No Digital Home: They lacked a website, making it hard for potential clients to find them online and learn about their services.

  • Unclear Brand Identity: Without a website, Flash Message couldn't effectively showcase their unique style and innovative spirit.


Building a website wasn't enough. We needed to create one that did two things:
  • Be Like Flash Message: The website had to reflect Flash Message's unique style and make it easy for visitors to find what they needed. Think clear menus, simple explanations, and a design that pops!

  • Turn Visitors into Fans: The website had to be more than just a pretty face. It needed to convince potential clients to work with Flash Message. This meant clear calls to action, a user-friendly contact form, and content that highlights how awesome Flash Message is.

Our Solutions

Future Innovation LTD stepped in with a plan to build a website that's both user-friendly and gets results:
  • Understanding Flash Message: We talked to Flash Message to learn about their brand, who they want to work with, and what services they offer. This way, the website would be a perfect fit for them.

  • Easy Navigation: We designed the website to be super easy to use, with clear menus that make finding information a breeze.

  • Cool Content: We created content that explains what Flash Message does and how they can help clients achieve their goals. It's clear, concise, and makes you want to work with them!

  • Eye-Catching Design: We made the website look great with a modern design that reflects Flash Message's innovative spirit.

  • Turning Visitors into Leads: We made it easy for potential clients to contact Flash Message by adding clear calls to action and a user-friendly contact form.

Workflow scenario

Here's a peek behind the curtain! This section delves into the collaborative process that brought Flash Message's website to life. We weren't just aiming for a good-looking website; we wanted one that delivered real results. To achieve this, we broke down the project into five key stages, creating a smooth workflow with clear communication and feedback every step of the way. Let's explore these stages and see how they transformed Flash Message's online presence!


01 - Team Up & Plan

We met with Flash Message to understand their business, who they wanted to help, and what kind of website they needed. Then, we planned how visitors would navigate the website and find the information they need.

02 - Design & Build

We created simple mockups of the website layout to get Flash Message's feedback and make sure it looked good. Once approved, we built the website to work perfectly on phones, tablets, and computers. We also wrote clear and concise content that explains what Flash Message does and why they're awesome!

03 - Content Launch & Testing!

We checked the website thoroughly to make sure everything worked smoothly and visitors could find what they needed easily. Flash Message also tested the website and gave us their feedback to make sure it was perfect.

04 - Launch Day!

We finally launched the website for Flash Message, making them visible to the world!

05 - Keep Making it Better

We're still working with Flash Message to track how people use their website and make any tweaks to improve it even more!

Style guideline

A style guide is a set of standards and rules that govern the design and composition of documents, websites, and other media. It ensures consistency and coherence in visual and written communication, maintaining a unified brand identity across various channels.

Typography 01

Lexend Deca

Name Font size Line Height

Heading 2

48 px 32 px

Heading 3

32 px 32 px

Paragraph text

16 px 16 px


-- px -- px

Medium Text Bold

Medium Text Regular

48 px 32 px

Normal Text Bold

Normal Text Regular

48 px 32 px

Small Text Bold

Small Text Regular

48 px 32 px

Color Palette

  • 01


  • 02


  • 03


  • 04


  • 05


colors are a powerful design tool that can influence perception, behavior, and brand identity, making them essential elements of any design project.


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