If you want to be web developer, you must have to know

You must have to know about some point what can be make you developer which is I mentioned:

Learn Web Development fundamentals:

If you become a web developer, you have to know about basic before you are going to long process.


Patience is very necessary for a developer. Sometimes you cannot solve problem. If you give up, you won’t be a developer. You have to think and never give up attitude.


Learn deeply about HTML/CSS/JS. It is the first step to be a developer HTML and CSS used for frontend. You can design by HTML and CSS. JavaScript works on web users' computers — even when they are offline! JavaScript allows you to create highly responsive interfaces that improve the user experience and provide dynamic functionality, without having to wait for the server to react and show another page.



One of the biggest advantages of Git is its branching capabilities. Unlike centralized version control systems, Git branches are cheap and easy to merge. This facilitates the feature branch workflow popular with many Git users. Feature branches provide an isolated environment for every change to your codebase.

The primary benefit of GitHub is its version control system, which allows for seamless collaboration without compromising the integrity of the original project. The projects on GitHub are examples of open-source software.

Browser DevTools:

Browser DevTools are very useful and important tools for web development. The ability to work directly within a browser in real-time helps a lot in easing out the development process.


API(Application Programming Interface)

API is the acronym for Application Programming Interface, which is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other.



Authentication is the process of recognizing a user’s identity. It is the mechanism of associating an incoming request with a set of identifying credentials. The credentials provided are compared to those on a file in a database of the authorized user’s information on a local operating system or within an authentication server.           

MVC (Model View Controller)

MVC, short for Model, View, and Controller, is a methodology or architectural pattern used for efficiently relating the user interface to underlying data models and organizing to relate the application code. MVC is primarily used to separate an application into three main components: Model, View, and Controller.


Programming is important for learning to innovate, create eco-friendly solutions for global problems, important in our daily life to enhance and increase the power of computers and internet. Programming is important for speeding up the input and output processes in a machine.


Problem solving and searching


In computer science, problem-solving refers to artificial intelligence techniques, including various techniques such as forming efficient algorithms, heuristics, and performing root cause analysis to find desirable solutions.

The basic crux of artificial intelligence is to solve problems just like humans.

Writing tests

There are many benefits to writing automated tests for web applications here are just a few; You're more productive because you don't have to spend the time manually testing the code yourself. You can make changes to the code without worrying if something is broken (as long as the tests pass)

Devops and Deployment


DevOps is the combination of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools that increases an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity: evolving and improving products at a faster pace than organizations using traditional software development and infrastructure management processes. This speed enables organizations to better serve their customers and compete more effectively in the market.

Software deployment includes all of the steps, processes, and activities that are required to make a software system or update available to its intended users. Today, most IT organizations and software developers deploy software updates, patches and new applications with a combination of manual and automated processes. Some of the most common activities of software deployment include software release, installation, testing, deployment, and performance monitoring.

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